Thursday, 15 January 2009

Semiotics of burlesque

I'm soon to co-write a cultural critical essay on the semiotics of burlesque, part of a book which is the labour of love of Chris Arning, an academic chap who works at research company Flamingo (who has also written about the semiotics of karaoke and hip hop). This is a dream project for me as a Sally Rand fan (burlesque pun there) and closet Dita! 

I'll be exploring the signs, symbols, visual language, and cultural significance of burlesque. I'm particularly interested in how broad the definition of burlesque has become - from film noir (Paloma Faith), to satanism (Georgina Baillie) to Chav (Roz Porter) to Ann Summers fake diamente nipple tassels (get them here instead). Any thoughts do drop me a line!

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