Thursday, 22 January 2009

Goodbye Bush

Simple, funny and clever print ad by Veet (thanks for alerting me Liz Worrall). 

I'd like to see more humour in hair removal comms. It's a funny, even fetishistic (or is that just me?) thing to do - why not be open about this that rather than show gleaming models galloping on beaches or in perfect white bathrooms all the time? 

My sister's friend manages a beauty salon and was telling us funny stories about her clients and all the extreme 'services' they ask for - not sure if it's too gross for me to say explicitly here but they're definitely getting more 'uninhibited'. I can definitely envisage a time when people - women - will demand to have completely hairless bodies. That means more extreme products and services.

I did a report for Gilette once about the future of shaving. Women are getting hairier (hormones, diet, arguably even climate change, are factors). In the report, I explored the trend for nasal hair removal (the new manicure in New York), back hair removal for women, and going clubbing with your razor (essential item for the 'shag bag').

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