Thursday, 18 September 2008

Why classics are more important than ever

I wrote an article about what makes a classic recently, Hermes Cape Cod pictured being a future one I reckon. I spoke to Alfie Tong about this, the brand consultant you may have spotted in the Guardian last Saturday talking about how stylish he thinks is! (He is actually one of the most stylish people I know). The Italians, he said, have a wonderful word for classic style - spezzatura, which roughly means to work at performing an action with the outward appearance of effortless grace. It's why Italians wear blue suits with brown shoes and shoes with no socks - contrived effortless. This makes me think of Kate Moss and sums up what style today is all about.

Another insight I discovered was that classics are becoming more popular again because they represent assurance. David Wolfe at retail consultancy Doneger Group, has said, 'People are scared about social security, the environment, the geopolitical situation. We are looking for security. Classics give people the sense of assurance they're looking for.'


donna AND navaz said...

Totally agree - yay to classics! Sarah, did you do work experience at CosmoGIRL! a long time ago???


Sarah Rabia said...

Hello Navaz,

That's right! How are you? What are you up to these days? Is that Donna who was the beauty assistant at Cosmogirl at that time?

Love Sarah x