Saturday, 13 September 2008

Beauty fantasy

I've been writing about the Future of the beauty industry and this is my latest and favourite discovery.  Lancome's Destiny Cube, a curious make-up palette with hidden compartments, was inspired by an 18th century Chinese secret box the brand's creative director Gucci Westman, received as a present. Toss the cube as you would a dice, and the idea is to let its mystical symbols and words determine your mood for the day. 

Sadly, the Destiny Cube was limited edition and released last year but it is very much ahead of it's time, tapping into the Fantasy Age trend I am thinking and writing about at the moment. 


Golden Phoenix said...

Congratulations on your blog, love it, especially "beauty fantasy" Jennie xxxx

Golden Phoenix said...

Oh..... true mineral cosmetics are fantastic, weightless, looks natural, flawless and is good for the skin, in the future there should be nothing else ......xx