Friday, 10 July 2009

intern gold

My blog has been embarrassingly neglected, but i have a good excuse, a new exciting job at mother as a strategist and working on a v conceptual insight project.

i really need an intern to help me. my starlet +1. i'm hankering after someone who matches all of this please:

*Super researcher
*Terribly well-organised and happy and on-it with the admin
*A doer, makes stuff happen
*A self-starter, always finds a job to do, doesn't need their hand held
*Really well-informed when it comes to digital and ideally, an early adopter
*Insightful, curious, natural trends and ideas person
*Strategic thinker or at least interest in strategy & basic advertising knowledge
*Properly nice, aims to please, humble

what i don't want:
*a conventional young planner - i'd much rather have a researcher or digital person
*someone who just wants to get in at mother

if the top bit is you or anyone you know, please email a) your cv b) short cover letter about yourself and why you think you'd be a good strategic and cultural insight intern, and c) some fresh thoughts/ideas about data visualisation, insight, advertising as cultural content to


Anonymous said...

if you didn't want people who just want to get in at mother, why did you tell them it was mother?

i hope you have an x-factor style contest to pick the winner

Alessandro said...

Are you by chance still looking for the perfect intern?
I'm not an intern now, but I'm just perfect :-)